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Mastering Civil Drafting: A Practical legal Workshop

About the Workshop

Legal civil drafting is an essential skill for any aspiring lawyer. Understanding how to draft precise and effective legal documents is crucial for success in the legal profession. To help law students and young professionals master this skill, Law Article is proud to present the “Mastering Civil Drafting: A Practical Workshop.

This workshop is designed to provide participants with hands-on experience and practical knowledge in civil drafting. Participants will learn from experienced legal professionals who will guide them through the intricacies of drafting various civil documents.

Objectives of the workshop

  • Enhance Drafting Skills: Equip participants with the necessary skills to draft clear, concise, and effective civil documents.
  • Practical Application: Provide hands-on experience in drafting various civil documents such as pleadings, motions, and briefs.
  • Understanding Legal Standards: Educate participants on the legal standards and requirements for civil drafting, ensuring compliance with legal protocols.
  • Professional Guidance: Offer insights and tips from experienced legal professionals, helping participants avoid common pitfalls and enhance their drafting techniques.
  • Career Preparation: Prepare law students and young professionals for the practical demands of legal drafting in their future careers.

Key Features:

  • Interactive Sessions: Engage in practical exercises and receive personalized feedback from experts.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Learn about different types of civil documents and their specific drafting requirements.
  • Real-World Scenarios: Work on drafting exercises based on real-life cases and scenarios.
  • Certification: Receive an e-certificate upon completion, adding value to your professional portfolio.

Who Should Attend?

  • Law students looking to improve their contract drafting skills.
  • Legal practitioners seeking to enhance their drafting expertise.
  • Professionals involved in contract negotiation and management.

Important Dates

🗓️ Date: 13th July 2024 (Saturday)
🕖 Time: 7:00 PM
💻 Mode: Online
💵 Fee: Rs. 1499/- ₹127

Registration Procedure

Deadline: 12th July 2024; 11:59 PM
Click Here To Register:🔗
(After registration, don’t forget to sign up on the online portal.)

Contact Information

For any queries, please get in touch with us at:

WhatsApp: +91 73887 38187

Join us for this valuable workshop and take your contract drafting skills to the next level!

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